Thursday, August 14, 2008

Houma, Louisiana

Ok, so here are a few pictures that I got from my New Orleans trip. Actually, all these photos are from our side trip to Houma with the LDS members who own a Oyster Processing Facility there. They took us out to there "fishing camp" out on the bayou, where we spent the night and then went fishing the next day.

So this was one of the boats we took out. Here we are leaving the city and heading down the bayou.

Here are some fishing, shrimping, oyster boats along the side of the bayou.


Some of the other "fishing camps" along the bayou.

One of the 35 lb fish someone caught. It's pretty ugly.

A fish we found caught on an alligator trap, swimming around with a buoy stuck to it. I forget what its called but they look like they have an alligator's mouth.

A sandbar/island we stopped at out in the Gulf of Mexico.

It was covered in pelicans.

These babies hid on the ground while the mamas flew around above us. It took us awhile to see that there were these little guys hiding everywhere. You couldn't see them if they were just lying in the sand but this one didn't realize he's lying in a pile of stuff the wrong color. They were pretty darn cute.

Some more of the fishing camps along the bayou.

Here is the camp we stayed at. They bought it after Hurricane Katrina. It was pretty nice. Two bedrooms, air-conditioning, satellite tv. It was pretty fun.

Here was my first and only fish (I stopped after I caught one). A little catfish. They chopped it up and stuck it in the crab cages.

"The Miane Lobster Game"
This was at the Seafood place we went to dinner.

One of the many (and I mean MANY) plates of boiled crawfish, shrimp, and crabs.
We also had raw oysters, grilled oysters, crawfish gumbo, fried alligator, and the list goes on and on. There were about 10 people there and enough food to feed at least 20 people. It was insane and quite gross, if I might add.

And here is me at the dinner table trying to fill up on the non-seafood items, such as vegetables and lots of them. I did try almost everything (except the raw oysters) so don't be too disappointed in me.

Here is the whole BYU group that went to Houma. Here we are in front of the Oyster Processing Facility after our tour. The company is called Motivatit.

And that's it. I don't have any pictures myself because I forgot to bring my camera so when/if I ever get anymore pictures of actual New Orleans, I'll post those too.