Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The New Abode

Disclaimer: Of course, by "new" abode I really mean "new to us" because if you were here in person you would quickly come to the same conclusion as we did. That this apartment is approximately fifty bajillion years old.

For those of you who haven't yet graced our apartment with your lovely presence, or seen it via skype, here is a little tour of our apartment here in Lubbock. We'll start out with the front room. Of course, things aren't completely clean around here and there are still some boxes and things that need to be organized but you get the idea.

This room is fairly large. And it goes out to the patio on the right where those long blinds are. We even have a nice fireplace.

We live on the second floor so we have lovely vaulted ceilings.

Pretty much the same living room set-up as we had before.

This is the view when you walk in the front door.

Our office is now in the living room area behind the couch.

And the dining area. I'm not really sure how to place the table in this room because if I center it, like I want to, then it is in the way of going into the kitchen. So for now, it's just kinda pushed towards the back wall. I still have some curtains that I want to hang. And I would love to get a rug to go under the table. But seeing as law school costs a butt-load (yes, I did just say butt-load) and neither of us is working the rug will probably never happen. At least not in the near future anyways.

Here is our teensy-tiny kitchen. The only thing that saved this kitchen, is that door at the back that is acting as our pantry, but which also holds our washer (No dryer at the moment. Mostly because that's where our pantry is!)

Finally a new fridge! The old one that was here when we moved in acted more like a freezer and almost every shelf was broken! Not to mention it was probably an original to the apartment.
And the patio. Quite large, though we don't have much (anything really) to go out there. But it does provide a nice place for my plants.

And our outdoor storage.

And that's all for today. Maybe I'll show you Lilly's room tomorrow. Our room on the other hand is still a disaster. We don't even have a bed yet. Just a mattress on the floor. And that is definitely where most of the stuff that I don't know where to put is residing. Thank goodness it is a pretty large room. Though I have a feeling that even when it is cleaned up it is just going to look empty because we definitely don't even have enough furniture to fill it up.

Side note: This was just too funny to not post. As I was gathering up trash to take outside today I heard Lilly start crying and whining. Of course, I assumed it was because I wasn't in the same room as her and she didn't know where I was. I called out to her because sometimes she will follow your voice and come find you. But she just kept on whining. I finally went out to find her and this is what I saw. She had knocked over the drying rack and was stuck. And of course when she wasn't crying, she kept herself busy by tasting said rack. Silly girl.

Monday, August 30, 2010

9 months

Yes. I know it is absolutely amazing that our little one is already 9 months old, right?!? I still can't believe it myself. So in honor of Lilly-pie here is an update.

She still likes to suck on everything. To her sunglasses were made to be sucked on.

Her favorite toys, that are actually toys, are her stuffed animals. Top of the list: Eeyore. He is definitely the fav around here.

She greatly enjoys making messes. Very often they involve food of some sort. Here you see she has completely emptied her bag of yogurt drops.

Close-up of said mess.

Her favorite to play on and climb all over is... us, of course. Don't we just scream jungle gyms?

Lilly also has become quite the cheeser, if she is in the mood that is.

She also has become quite the girly-girl. She just loves trying on cute boots and shoes. (okay. maybe that is just me. but you have to admit, those boots are dang cute. now I just need to wait until she can walk and actually needs shoes.)

And finally the bookcase. She is quite the smarty-pants here. We put her books on the bottom shelf along with some of Christian's old textbooks. But Lilly only ever takes her own books off the shelf. So proud.

There are soo many other things I could say about Lilly. It's just amazing how much she has grown and changed these past months. She is definitely getting to be quite the handful, as she never really wants to stay still. But we love her just the same. Happy 9 months Lilly!

Friday, August 27, 2010

FHE with the ducks

For Family Night we decided to go feed the ducks.

Here in Lubbock they have these lakes all over the place (at least that is what they call them, they are more like a pond though). We have at least 3 within a one minute drive of our place.

Quite a few ducks and they knew what was going down. Definitely not as spoiled as the ducks at the BYU duck pond.

Ready to feed the ducks.

Lilly loved the ducks. She would flap her arms and kick her legs and make some really funny noises. I tried to get a picture showing how happy she was, but she did not cooperate. Though you can tell how hot it is by her pink little cheeks.

The End.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

Well, you probably thought I was going to talk about Christian's first day of law school. Alas you are mistaken.

Instead, I have these cute pictures of Lilly. Big surprise, huh?

I got this cute little backpack in Utah a couple months ago, from the DownEast Clearance Center for $3, I believe. It had the beginnings of a monogram on it, which I just picked out and voila, new cute backpack for Lilly.

Speaking of Christian's school, though, yesterday went well. It seems as if they are starting off easy. But basically for the next 3 years it will go like this. Read a whole freaking lot. Take one final per class. And the grade on that final is your grade for the class. Of course, most of the classes have mid-terms too but they are just for practice and don't actually count. So, there you go.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Money Suckers

Money Sucker #1: Law School

Example: Christian only has four classes. Seems simple enough. But behold...

$750 (scratch that, it is now up to $880 and he still has one more book to buy) worth of books. Ouch. Not to mention the tuition and the $1,700 registration fee that came along with it. What the heck is a registration fee, anyways? Dang school.

Money Sucker #2: our car, the Subaru

Example: After being in Lubbock for less than a week, the check engine light comes on. And stays on. After 3 trips to Midas, it is still not fixed. But hopefully it will be by mid-next week. Of course, this will only be after approximately $530 spent on 3 stupid sensors that apparently need to be replaced.

Money Sucker #3:

Just kidding. Well really she is but not the same kind. She is the enjoyable kind. So in honor of her cuteness, here are some recent videos of her (unlike the picture, that is a couple months old).

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So before we ended up here in Lubbock we spent a couple weeks in Houston at Christian's parents house. Here is a little recap (little because we took very few photos).

We found out that Lilly loves dogs. And that Twinkle, their dog, is afraid of babies. So Lilly would end up crawling around after the dog and the dog would just keep running away. Twinkle did very well and even became accustomed to Lilly by the end and would try to play with Lilly. It was really cute.

We found out Lilly likes to be tossed on the bed into very cushy blankets and pillows of course. Check out her face (sorry the picture is blurry), I love it!

We also took a little trip to San Antonio. We stayed on the Riverwalk, went to the Natural Bridge Caverns and the Wildlife Park. Christian, his dad, brother and sister even went canoeing down a river nearby. We also went to Sea World, where Lilly came home with a Shamu.


The view from our hotel room, with the Riverwalk down below

The Riverwalk, strike a pose

Natural Bridge Caverns

The Wildlife Park

Friday, August 13, 2010


Well, we are finally in Lubbock. After a month being homeless (traveling from Grandparents in CA to Grandparents in TX) we have finally moved into our new apartment. It is quite a different story moving this time because of the amount of stuff we have accumulated since our last move (mostly baby stuff I think). Anyways, we are still working on getting everything unpacked and getting ready for law school which Christian starts in about a week! We just finally got internet today but I am too exhausted to do much more than post this. So here is a little photo of the little one in our new apartment to tide you over until I get a real post done.

She just woke up screaming, so off to her I go. ( A new trend since we moved here, not good)