Sunday, February 10, 2013

36 weeks

Only 4 weeks left! I am soo ready for this baby to get here.  I have almost everything ready at home but mentally/physically I feel like I hit 40 weeks already and just want this boy to get here! Hopefully I can get through this last month (and hopefully this baby is a little early just like Lilly was). Even Lilly keeps asking me if it is March yet because as she says "I want my baby to get here."

32 weeks

And here is 36 weeks from my pregnancy with Lilly.

And 36 weeks from this time around. Please forgive my fat face. I keep telling the weight to not go there but it just doesn't want to listen.

Random Photo Overload

Here are just some photos from the past month and a little from over Christmas. Most of these are phone pictures so sorry if they are a little fuzzy.

Lilly's first trip to the dentist!

Lilly snuggling with Steve over Christmas.

Lilly's new favorite thing to do when we go to restaurants and are waiting for our food is to take silly pictures.

Lilly having a picnic with Grandpa on the kitchen floor on Christmas Eve.

Over Christmas when we were in Vegas, we stopped at M&M World.

And at Coca-Cola World. We did the Sodas from around the World sampler and the Float Sampler. The Floats were good but the some of the sodas from other countries were nasty.

We also stopped by Ethyl M's chocolate factory in Vegas to see the lights.

We stopped at the Bellagio too to see the water fountain show but it was too cold so we didn't end up waiting around.

Ice Cream.

Ryan reading to Lilly over Christmas.

Family shot from Christmas. I love that Grandma and Grandpa look like deer in headlights :)