Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random Weekend Links

Here are some links I've come across this weekend. Some I love. Some funny. Enjoy.

** pic from

I almost died of laughter at the sight of these bread gloves! Don't you want some? :)

What about these puppies for the upcoming Puppy Bowl? Just so adorable! I want one of each.

Good thing someone knows how to translate Chinese into English. Otherwise we'd never know what Eight Fingernail Fish was.

I want one of these. And for it to be spring. How lovely.

I hope Christian doesn't do these things when we shop. Too funny.

How cool are these snow rollers. Almost makes me wish there was snow here in Lubbock.

See you next week.

Friday, January 28, 2011

For the love of oranges.

Lilly loves mandarin oranges. She looooooves them. Here is a little video from dinner last night. I find it soo funny. Mostly because she has taken to yelling when she wants something. The yell at the very beginning is what she did over and over again last night when she wanted another orange. And again this morning when she wanted more honey-nut cheerios. Anyways, she ate almost a whole can of mandarin oranges. Crazy girl.

And her face while she is trying to rip this bib off her neck. Her face turned soo red. Hilarious. At least I thought so. But its okay if you don't agree. I mean, she is my daughter after all.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Favorites

That is to say, this is a post of Lilly's favorite things to do this January.

Driving. She just loves her daddy's xbox steering wheel that he got for Christmas.

Even learning how to use the pedals.

Praying. She often folds her arms at random times throughout the day. It is quite cute. Though when we are actually praying, she can't keep her arms folded longer than... say 2.5 seconds.

Her new Piggy Bank. We thought she needed one since she has started using her cuteness to get $$ from the grandparents :) Anyways, if at anytime she sees this thing she WANTS it. She just loves to carry it around.

And sit on it.

And kiss it.

And stick pennies in it.

NOT taking pictures. With her mommy of course. She would much rather be rambling around the apartment than sitting still in mommy's lap for 5 seconds.

Flying. Lilly loves to go flying with daddy or on mommy's feet. Sometimes she will just grab my feet and try to get me to let her fly.

Sitting in things that weren't meant for sitting. This includes but isn't limited to the below picnic basket/toy bin, dresser drawers, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, large pots, boxes, and the drawer below the oven.

This red basket is her favorite though. Sometimes she will empty it so that she can watch her Baby Einstein dvd from the comforts of her picnic basket.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Attack of the Breadsticks

A couple days before Christian was about to start up his new semester at school, we decided to take full advantage of his time off and go out for lunch. We decided to go Olive Garden. Upon arriving home, I busied myself with dishes and Christian was outside installing Lilly's new carseat. A little while later, I heard a strange noise. I came out of the kitchen to check it out and this was what I found.

Lilly had apprehended the leftover breadsticks and was carrying them around and nibbling on them.

Or swallowing them whole. Whatever.

She was having quite a ball with those two breadsticks.

She was even trying to feed them to her baby at one point.

I love this picture. Too funny. The bread in her mouth looks like fangs :)

Soon, she was also playing with one of Christian's Christmas gifts, a marshmallow shooter.

"Fill it up, NOW!"

Then, of course, she tried to shoot the marshmallows straight into her mouth. (Don't worry, there is absolutely no way she could actually shoot it)

Of course, the next logical step. Try to shoot the breadsticks out of the shooter.

And then this happened next.

Followed by a little snuggle time. She looks so peaceful here. Very deceiving picture, she is quite the ball of energy these days.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Playing in the Leaves

Lilly loved to go outside in the backyard at my parent's house in Benicia. She loved to play in the leaves. Christian took her out one morning and caught a couple cute pictures. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pop Rocks

Lilly's first experience tasting Pop Rocks. I think she approves.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas #2

We arrived in Benicia a week before Christmas. Sadly not a lot of pictures were taken except for Christmas morning. Here is the explosion of gifts Christmas morning.

Can you find Lilly?

Helping move gifts around :)

Olivia, the little Christmas elf, helping pass out gifts

Lilly, the naughty Christmas elf, stealing bows from presents

Cousin love.

Lilly checking out her loot.

Olivia loves Mimmi (aka Minnie )

And Lilly loves her Mickey. Definitely one of her favorite gifts.

Lilly caught stealing Olivia's Minnie car.

Loving her new hand-made blanket.

Christmas is exhausting.

Vroom vroom.