Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

13 weeks

We finally got to see our newest little one today. We went in for an ultrasound to check things out and confirm my due date. The baby is measuring right on track for my original due date so its still March 10th. We got to see him/her wiggling around a bit and the fast little heartbeat. Christian and Lilly came along with me but I don't think Lilly quite understood. She knew we were going to see the baby but I don't think she could see it on the ultrasound screen. She kept asking what things were and where they were.

Anyways, I am 13 weeks now so I'm just finishing up my first trimester and hopefully this nausea goes away soon. Its getting really annoying. The nights, after dinner until bedtime, always seem to be the worst. That's the only time I've truly thrown up but there has also been a lot of dry heaving. Sorry if that's gross!

Well, now we just have about another 6 weeks until we can find out the gender. That is exciting because then we can finally really start talking about names. Christian pretty much refuses to talk seriously about names before we even know the gender. Annoying.