Friday, September 26, 2008

Soooo Hilarious!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Favorites Tag

Haven't you just been dying to know more about me? No?

Oh well, here it goes anyways...

3 Favorite Last Purchases

1. Shoes. flat, black w/ red flowers, shiny
2. Tongs ... to cook with and I just love them
3. Ice Cream Maker ... it is wonderful!

3 Fears

1. Christian dying (mostly b/c I just watched "P.S. I Love You")
2. Spiders
3. Never being able to have children

3 Favorite Movies

1. Zoolander
2. Baby Mama
3. Horton Hears A Who ... too funny!

3 Facts About Me

1. I graduated with a BS in Food Science in April
2. I'm trying to learn Norwegian, though very slowly
3. I am absolutely baby crazy ... sad but true

3 Things I haven't done yet

1. Seen a shooting star
2. Found a job ... since my last job ended over 3 weeks ago
3. Been to Mexico, or gone on a cruise ... two things I hope to combine sometime soon

3 Things I cannot live without

1. Sleep
2. Chocolate
3. Shoes

3 Things on Today's list

1. Prepare for job interview on Friday
2. Watch Bones @ 7 pm
3. Convince Christian that he IS ready for a baby :)

3 Favorite Dishes

1. Cafe Rio Pork Salad ... yum
2. Shanghai Wings from Chili's
3. Most pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen

3 Places I have lived

1. Provo, UT
2. Benicia, CA
3. Petaluma, CA

3 Favorite TV Shows

1. Bones ... I think its actually an addiction
2. The Office and I'm so excited for the season premiere this Thursday!
3. Lost

3 Last Places I Traveled

1. Benicia, CA to visit my parents
2. Houston, TX for last Christmas with the in-laws
3. Norway for our second wedding reception (with England as a side-trip)

3 Favorite Desserts

1. Ice cream, preferably accompanied by a banana and drenched in hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, or in other words, a banana hot fudge sundae (now i miss double rainbow)
2. Cheesecake (any kind from the Cheesecake Factory)
3. Chocolate Cream Pie (a la mode, of course )

3 Things I would buy if Money weren't an issue

1. A gorgeous new house
2. Puppies! (and yes I realize these 2 are the same as my sister's but it's true)
3. a whole new wardrobe, along with enough shoes to fill my beautiful walk-in shoe closet in my new house

3 Wishes

1. To have a baby, asap
2. Have a nicer, larger apartment
3. Be done with school ... and by that I mean Christian

3 People I tag

1. Anyone who actually looks at this ...