Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finn & the Cob

Finn is quite the eater. He is always staring us down when we are eating and wanting to eat what we are eating. He even throws fits when we don't give him anything while we are eating. Problem is he doesn't really know how to chew yet. He gets lots of little pieces of our food though so he is working on it. 

Yesterday he got the remains of some corn on the cob and loved sucking it to death. Check it out.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Five Month Finn

Finn is 5 months old! Hooray!

Some facts about Finn:

-He is a tall boy! At his 4 month checkup he was 26.5 inches tall, 87%.

-He's getting chunkier! At 4 months he was 15 lbs 2.5 oz, 43%, compared to the 12% he was at his 2 month checkup.

-He is starting to wear his 6-9 month size clothes. So proud :)

-Around 3.5 months old, we decided to wean Finn and switch him to formula. It was a hard decision and I felt a little guilty but now I know it was the best decision for him and for me. That first week of weaning was torture but we survived and now everyone is happy!

-We started him on solids shortly after he hit 4 months. He ate his first serving of rice cereal as if we had been starving him his whole life! Now he is up to 2 meals a day of rice cereal or baby food and will probably move on to 3 meals a day pretty quickly. So far he has had rice cereal, banana, pears, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash. He loved everything but was a little more hesitant with the pears, I think they were just a little tart for him.

-He still loves to chew, suck, and slobber all over his hands and fingers. This doesn't help with the drool. He is always soaking wet down the front of his clothes from trying to chew on stuff.

-His very, VERY favorite thing to suck on is his little lovey blanket (which has developed the lovely nickname of  Finn's "face blanket"). It is always soaking wet! If he sees it close by he will lunge for it and spit out his binky so he can suck on his lovey.

-He still is constantly rolling from his back to his stomach. Though he is slowly getting better at rolling back over.

-He is getting closer to being able to sit by himself. He does really well in the corner of the couch and with the boppy pillow.

-I pulled out the jumper this month for Finn and he loves it! He has gotten really good at turning around and jumping all over the place.

-Finn has also started to really use his voice this month. Before he only really made a "goo" sound but now he loves to shriek/scream/squeal. I think it is just the cutest sound. And if you copy the sounds he makes, he will respond to you and just keep going.

And finally some more pictures!

Anatomy of a Photo Shoot

Brittany: Lilly come over here. I want to take some photos of you and Finn together.

Lilly: But he's crying! (Fingers in ears)

Finn: I don't want to be on my stomach! (Even though I am the one that rolled over that way)

Lilly: Mom! I don't want to do this.

Brittany: Lilly come back here and lay down next to Finn. Well, at least Finn is looking at the camera. Now I just need to get rid of the binky.

Brittany: Okay, now no one is looking at the camera. But at least Finn is smiling.
 Brittany: Great, Lilly is looking at the camera but Finn is looking away. Danggit!
 Lilly: Mom, Finn is going to touch me!
 Lilly: MOM, he is going to slobber on me!
 Lilly: MOOOM, he is going to grab my hair!! (Lilly slowly moves away from Finn)

 Brittany: Lilly go back next to Finn!
 Brittany: Give your brother a kiss.
Lilly: fine (gives kiss on Finn's arm)
Brittany: I give up.

The Past 2 Months

Things have been quite crazy over the past couple months. Christian was studying for the Bar Exam and I was trying to get started on packing. Christian took his test last week and things have been fabulous since then! We took a little break doing pretty much nothing for a week and now we are starting to get back to the packing. We move in a couple weeks down to Houston and are hoping Christian can find a job soon.

Here is a random collection of photos from the past couple months for your viewing pleasure!

Found Lilly like this in the middle of the night

-Finn, 4 months old-

 -From the 4th of July-
 Lilly "milking" a cow. She loved it and didn't want to stop, haha

 Lilly posing with the tractors

-Finn's first haircut- 
Sadly we forgot to get a before picture, but the mullet is gone!

Finn LOVES chewing/sucking on his hand/fist/fingers!

Like father, like son.

-The many, many faces of Finn-

Haha, this one is my fave! 

-Bath time-
I have started giving Finn baths with Lilly. They both love it! Lilly always asks if Finn can stay in longer with her :)