Friday, March 25, 2011

Tractor Shoot

   And that, my friends, is the end of Spring Break.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ranch Life

We had a great time doing all the different activities on the Ranch. Here is most of what we did last week, well at least what I got pictures of .


Christian got the best of shot of all of us here.
"I make archers look GOOOOD."

The Brazos River ran through the property so we went fishing a couple times. The first time the boys caught 4 fish and the second time they only caught 1. Not bad though since the ranch people said the fishing there was bad!

Christian loved catching fish sticks.

We also hit up the hot tub quite a few times. Lilly decided to come with us one night to break in her new swimsuit.

How cute are her new sandals from Bestemor?

When we got to the hot tub the bubbles were going and Lilly was really unsure of it. But after a while she got used to it and loved it.

Our last day there we decided to go canoeing. It was pretty fun though Lilly didn't last long before we dropped her and dad back off on the shore.

We ended up coming back to shore soaking wet from a water fight between the two canoes. Thanks Tove for starting that :)

A first for me and Christian was Skeet Shooting. I was so sure that I would miss everything but it wasn't too bad. Christian and I both ended up getting 13 out of 25 so just over 50%.

Sometimes they would let 2 go at once and if they cross you can get them both with one shot. The guy told everyone this but no one could do it. Except Christian. He got lucky ;)

Christian, Thomas, and Gunther went shooting a second time later in the week as well. And this time Christian shot 20 out of 25. Not bad for it being only his second time shooting a gun.

Of course, we also went horseback riding. We ended up going twice. Here I am on Rocket on the first trail ride.

And here is Christian with his first horse, Curly.

Me again with Rocket, who really was probably the farthest thing from being rocket-like.

And again, Christian on Curly.


Sorry for the interruption in Ranch posts but you have to
check this out.

And this.

This is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. It is amazing how much us Mormons are in love with Jimmer. Or should I say The Jimmer?

And yes, I realize that some of these jokes are a little ... sacrilegious, but what can you do?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All Lilly

While at the Ranch we had a birthday celebration. Tove's birthday is March 19, mine is March 28th, and Christian's is April 6th. So since won't see Christian's family for a while we celebrated all our birthdays together one night.

Christian and I got a combined gift.


Anyways, because of our new toy we (and by we I mean I) took way too many pictures while we were there. And of course 95% of those were of Lilly. So today I am sharing some of my favorites.

Lilly wearing another gift of Christian's. A cowboy hat.

Lilly upset after breaking Daddy's glasses. (She was actually mad bc we wouldn't let her run around. But she did throw his glasses during her little tantrum resulting in this.)
Getting ready to go swimming.

I love that her lips are all milky.

Another funny Lilly face.

And another.

Enjoying her snack.

She loved just running around. She really wore herself out each day by just running around.

And by pushing her own strolling instead of riding in it.

"Fine. I guess I'll ride in the stroller."

This was when she kept running away from me. She thinks it is hiLARious to be chased.

She loved playing in this little river water feature in front of the restaurant.

See those dirty, wet pants. She looked like this pretty much every day. I definitely didn't bring enough extra clothes for her.

She has started sucking on her pointer finger more and more. Sometimes she even puts both in her mouth at the same time. Silly girl.

What a cutie pie.

She loves to play with balls. Even this one!

She loved riding on Daddy's lap around on the Ranch. Mostly for the 30 second ride to the breakfast room. And yes, we were that lazy.

"Knock, knock! Let me in." She was knocking so we would let her in the car. Too funny.

Next up... Brittany with a gun. Watch out.