Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

It's official... Baby fetus is now Baby GIRL. Here she is at her 20 week photo shoot. Her glamour shots are kinda fuzzy but hopefully you get the picture.

First we provide you with the shot every celebrity hopes to avoid, the crotch-shot. As the Ultrasound Tech said "Girl Power!" (I believe the two lumpy things toward the top are her legs but who knows for sure...)

Next, her cute little legs bones (the two white lines, of course).

Followed by the ever popular Thumbs-Up shot. (Sidenote: I don't know if that is what she is actually doing but it sure does look like she is giving us the thumbs-up, doesn't it? It definitely is her arms though.)
And finally, the beloved skeletor face. Can't you see the resemblance? What? You can't see it? Really? Well, I guess we should give her a couple more months before we decide who she really looks like.

And of course, me. Here I am at almost 22 weeks. Still getting bigger, as baby girl is now approaching the size of a papaya, at around 10 inches long now and 12 ounces in weight. Apparently she can now hear noises from outside and her face is finally fully formed. I can finally feel her squirming around inside and her kicks that she likes to deliver. Christian actually felt her kick for the first time yesterday morning. She aimed right at his hand. I can tell she already loves her daddy!

Friday, July 17, 2009

West Side Story

On Tuesday, I won 2 tickets at work to go to West Side Story at the Scera Outdoor Theater for this weekend.

We are going to go tonight. I'm excited, I've never seen West Side Story before. Christian, on the other hand, is already expecting to hate it. Because he is a musical-hater... Sad life for him, huh?

Don't worry... I will still let our kids watch Disney movies, even though Christian doesn't like those either ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

20 weeks

Here I am, with my now cantaloupe-sized uterus. Baby is approaching the length of a banana and weighs approximately 10 ounces. Can't wait to see him/her wiggling around next week at the ultrasound.


For the Fourth of July weekend, Christian and I went up to Missoula, MT to meet our new neice and go to her Baby Blessing. She already has a very wide array of facial expressions, always adorable, such as the one below:

Here she is with my sister, Ashley, and her husband Brodie, following the blessing.

And with the rest of the family...

and with her Aunt Brittany...

She is so adorable, even as she meditates to sleep...

She also likes to sleep Strong Arm Man style.

And finally the future Daddy practicing.

Can't wait until December.

5 days...

until little fetus becomes our little girl fetus or our little boy fetus...

I am SO excited.