Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crazy Antics

 Lilly loves taking off her clothes. Lately she just loves to go au natural. Though it is a strict rule the diaper must stay on. Anyways, I found her like this the other morning watching cartoons. Fireman hat, necklaces, and Mommy's sandals. Quite the outfit. Or should I say accessorizing?

Also, I have finally started to learn that the rule "Quiet= Trouble"  now applies to Lilly.  Before if it was quiet Lilly was usually just playing by herself, keeping herself busy some way. But now it means trouble. Pretty much everyday last week it would get quiet while I was distracted doing something. Then I would finally realize how quiet it was and go check on Lilly. One day is was a board game she had gotten ahold of and dispersed throughout her room, one day it was stealing a box of cereal and finding a giant pile of it behind the rocker in her room. One day it was this...

 If you look closely, you'll see a little on her face, a little on her stomach and a lot on her legs/feet. Crazy girl.