Friday, September 30, 2011

Montana Two

One night we headed out to eat without the boys. They had gone hiking and we were going stir crazy. So we ended up at Famous Daves.

Lilly needed to sit by Grandpa. She would not sit still until we moved her chair next to his.
 Kristin and Cole.
 Lilly hogging Grandpa.
 Ashley and Ella. 
(Sorry Ash, this half talking pic was the best I could find!)
 Ella and Grandma.
 Lilly and Gramps again.
 The next day (maybe, who know what day it actually was) we headed up to a ski resort to go down the alpine slides and the zip lines. Sadly the only pictures I got that day are of the babies. Here is Lilly and Olivia being silly in the parking lot.
 We kept trying to get them to sit closer together for a picture but every time one of them would move closer, the other would move away. And they both kept doing it!

 Eating pretzels together.
 Baby Ella.
Baby Cole.
Lilly loved going down the alpine slides. She would yell "weeeeee" all the way down. Though riding up on the ski lift with her kinda made me crazy. She does not like sitting still.

After the slides, Ashley, Brodie, Mom, and I went on the ziplining tour. It was awesome. The tallest one was a little (or a lot) freaky but it was soo cool. Brodie got pictures so maybe I can steal some and post them.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


 At the end of August and through Labor Day Lilly and I went up to Montana for Ella's baby blessing and to hang out with the family. Yes, I do realize that this was practically a month ago. Whoops. I have just been lazy about downloading our pictures.

Anyways, we flew into Missoula and then headed directly up to Flathead Lake to stay at a house on the lake. It was really pretty and made me miss the mountains.

 Flathead Lake

 This picture is from the deck on the house. The dock you see on the water is off the house's personal little beach. And you can also see Kristin and Ashley taking the canoe for a ride.
 Olivia and Lilly watched Ashley and Kristin head off in the canoe.

 Double Cheese.

 Grandma loving.
Lilly was in love with Oilvia's bike. She would go and sit on it but she still hasn't figured out the pedaling.
 Don't worry... there are more pictures to come.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Shots

Check it. Don't we have the cutest babe?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Apartment Additions

When we returned to Lubbock from Houston, there were a couple new things we brought with us. 

And a couple that awaited us. Like these weeds that magically appeared in our empty pots on our patio.

Beautiful, right?

But for real now, we got this shelf at Ikea. And I got a bunch of the stuff on it while we were in Houston too.

And here is the little desk that we got in Canton. I decided to paint it blue and I love it. It is right near our front door in the entry way.

And a little love for the patio too. A couple chairs from where else, Ikea!

We also rearranged Lilly's room and I love it so much more now. But I have yet to take those pictures so this will just be a short little post instead. Adios!