Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas in Vegas

We had Christmas in LasVegas this year, at Kristin's house. It was a little crowded and crazy but still lots of fun.  Sadly, we barely took any pictures but here are the ones we did get. 

How many cousins can you fit into a bath? 
(Don't think this would work next time, with 3 more BOYS on the way!)

 Lilly opening her stocking Christmas morning.

 Opening gifts.

And Lilly opening the most awaited gift....

...her unicorn dream light! Sadly that one ended up not working but we exchanged it and now she loves it.

One day we went to the Natural History Museum to give the kids something to do. Here Cole and Lilly are checking out the sting ray and little sharks tank.

Lilly and the beluga.

Lilly and the Great White!

Cole loved to push the little red button that made the T-Rex move and make sounds and then he would scream. It was cute and Lilly decided she wanted to join in on the fun and do it too.

Digging up dino bones.

Lilly checking out the lizards and bugs.

And EVERY single day since we've been back in Lubbock (over a week mind you) she has spent most of the day dressed up like this.  She got quite a bit of princess stuff for Christmas (especially Cinderella stuff) and it has only fueled the princess fire.