Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lilly at the Mall

We went to the mall today and Lilly had a great time. She loves to look at the pet shop, get a pretzel and check out the cars. She finally rode in a car today and she LOVED it. Check it out below.

She also enjoyed pushing her own stroller. What a silly little girl.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday Walking

So Lilly has finally realized that walking can be better than crawling. She has started actually walking for realsies though she still falls down every once in a while and usually starts crawling after she falls. Here are a couple videos showing her awkward baby walk, I love it.

p.s. What I meant to say in this second video was that she always falls down when walking to Christian. Because she would. She never fell down walking to me but almost every time walking to Dad she would fall. She must like me better :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner?

Are you hungry? Cause I am. Well, if you are looking for something delicious to eat, try these...

(Click on the picture* for recipe)

Oh my goodness! These are the best pancakes I have ever made. They are definitely my favorite! It's funny because I used to not really like pancakes. I was always a waffle person. But then this last year something changed and I like pancakes. But these are just way better than regular pancakes. Trust me and try them. And don't leave out the orange butter... that makes them go from good to fabulous!

*picture from

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lilly on her Big Day

So here are so more pictures from Lilly's birthday. She looked super cute but she just wasn't feeling it. She was just too tired from the Zoo and really, really didn't want to eat her cake. If you want to see a few more you can also check out Tove's blog here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gingerbread Mansions

We always like to make Gingerbread houses during Christmas time. This year I decided to try and make some gingerbread, instead of using just plain graham crackers. So courtesy of I found a recipe and some templates for some houses. They didn't seem that big to begin with but I soon realized they were not your average graham cracker houses. We did a "pixie house" which Christian decorated and the "Farmhouse" which I decorated.

We started with all the gingerbread that I baked the day before. We actually made enough for 3 houses but Christian decided he just wanted to eat the last house instead of decorate it (it took forever to decorate just the 2 since they were soo big)

Add about a ton of candy that we bought (way too much of course). What can I say... we got a little carried away.

Getting to work.

Thankfully, Lilly was an ANGEL while we did this. She busied herself with old marshmallows, some formula in a bag, and paper. She did stop for dinner but then continued her play and let us build some houses.

Well, here they are, in all their glory!

First up Christian's "Gummy Bear Mansion of Death... with Snakes" At first it appears innocent, almost pleasant.

Until you see the gory details, that is. The Gummy-Bear-Eating snake.

Gummy Bear crushed to death by a log.

Gummy Bear impaled by a pretzel, um... I mean spear :)

As you can see the entire house is being taken over by some sort of snake vine.

And all the other sides.

And here we have the Farmhouse. I avoided the grim reaper and went for classical gingerbread house. The front.

As you can see the gummies are staring out the window at Santa!

Back. Complete with little kitty running through the snow.

The Mayer Gingerbread village.

And for those of you who made it this far, a reward is in order. A picture of Lilly and Christian this morning before church. Aren't they adorable? I think so too.

The end.