Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

More Pictures

Coming home from the hospital. She was being a little fussy but calmed down once we put her in the car seat; hopefully she continues to like it.

Family picture before leaving the hospital.

Sock hands to keep her from scratching herself... and me while nursing.

Cute little feet.

Fast asleep on Daddy's lap.

One of the few moments of the day that Lilly is awake.

She likes her sleep much better, just like mommy.

Love that face!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome Lilly Hazel Mayer

November 27 - 1:37pm was a big day for baby Lilly as she took her first breath and turned this Mayer family into a party of 3. She was born 19" and 6.81 lbs. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

November 27 - 13:37 var en stor dag for Lilly Hazel Mayer da hun fikk smaket frisk luft for foerste gang. Hun ble foedt 48.3 cm og 2.9 kg. Slik ser hun ut...

Minutes after being born. / Minutter etter foedselen.

6 pounds 8 ounces / 2.9 kg

A well deserved rest. / En velfortjent hvil.

Here Lilly is getting ready for her first bath. / Her gjoeres Lilly klar for sitt foerste bad.

Looks like she is sporting a mohawk already. / Hun har allerede faatt seg en hanekam.

Brittany & Lilly

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Oh dang...

Only 6 days to go.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I like watermelons... I really do

According to here "Today brings two beautiful words: full-term." But to me, those words are a little more scary than beautiful. Kinda exciting, yes, but a little more along the lines of "freaking Brittany out."
Instead of a picture of me, here is what baby girl is looking like these days... a watermelon.

Here's to hoping she is on the lower end of that weight range given.... I mean no one wants to give birth to a 9 lb watermelon, right?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Den Flygande Elgen

Poor Norwegian moose gets obliterated on camera...

Sad but this picture still makes me laugh.

Las Vegas

Cute Olivia...

with Uncle Christian

Cave Tour... powered by Steve Thomas

venturing into the nasty cave.

And finally the football game with our personal little cheerleader.

Rest of the gang...

The end.

36 weeks...

Only 4 weeks left!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

10 To Go

We can officially count the number of weeks left in this pregnancy on one hand. Most of the time that still seems so far away; 10 weeks, that is 2 ½ months people! But every so often I find myself thinking “Holy crap… what have I gotten myself into?! She is going to be here any day now and we are absolutely NOT prepared to be parents.” (Which of course is true, but I shouldn’t be thinking that way.)

So far I think I’ve had a pretty good pregnancy aka not too much sickness or hormones or other problems common to creating another human being. Lately though things have been-a-changing. I hadn’t had any problems with being all hormonal and emotional (I think… I guess we should probably ask Christian about that) but lately I will just be staring at my slightly pulsating belly or Christian and start tearing up and I just feel like sobbing. Not sad tears, happy ones. It’s just weird how often that has happened lately.

And I am starting to get more and more uncomfortable as the days go by. I’m not sure why but most days I come home from work and my butt hurts to a ridiculous degree. I think it is mostly my tailbone/hips because I’m pretty sure it is not the muscles. So even a butt massage doesn’t help (yes, we’ve tried that). And nights are a toss-up. Some nights I sleep pretty good but others don’t go so well. If I can fall asleep at a reasonable hour, I am inevitably awoken (multiple times throughout the night) by either my dead arm/leg or by Christian’s horrendous teeth-grinding or by a very active/trying-to-kick-her-way-out-of-me baby. The sad thing is… I know it is just going to get worse.

On the good side of things Baby Girl is still very active (though I don’t understand how, given the very limited space she has). And I’m pretty sure I passed my second Glucose Test (aka the Lets-see-how-many-times-a pregnant-lady-can-handle-being-stabbed-in-the-arm-when-she-is-absolutely-starving-and-feeling-slightly-nauseous Test). I checked my lab results online and I’m pretty sure they were in the normal range. Thank goodness for not having Gestational Diabetes. Especially because they would be checking my blood way more often if I did have it (and I would have to watch what I eat…better than I do now, of course).

We also found a glider! Finally. I have been checking Craigslist for the longest time and haven’t really come across anything good. But we finally got one this week. Now we just want to paint the chair and cover the cushions with something slightly less ugly and stained… and I will remember to take pictures to show you the AMAZING transformation… hopefully.

In other non-baby related news, Christian takes the LSAT today. So remember to send up a little prayer that we don’t end up going to Law School in the middle of nowhere.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Peach Cakes

How cute are these?
I want to make them just because they are just so darn cute... but I kinda missed the season. Maybe next summer.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby Girl's Room

Trying not to spend the money we don't have, I have been trying to decorate little girl's room with stuff we already had. Basically the only new things we've had to buy for her room so far were the crib and bedding. And they were pretty good deals, too. The stars we already had and just had never hung up in our new apartment. I love them here in her room. The chair is here for now, something I had from my early college years. I hope to be able to find a decent glider or rocking chair on craigslist that we can paint and put there instead. But we'll see what we can find.

The curtains we already had also. Just had to get around to hanging the curtain rod. The bookcase we had and painted. And the dresser used to be in our room but we just moved it in here. We're going to use it as the changing table once we get a changing pad. Ashley is also working on some photos (of flowers) that we can frame and put up on the wall above the dresser, a la the D.I. frame photos we just hung above our bed.

The car seat is there too, hiding between the dresser and bookcase. Just got it in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Thomas. Thanks!

And 5 Months Later...

So here we are 5 months after having moved into our new apartment and we just barely got around to actually hanging things on the walls and getting some curtains for our bedroom window.

First off we have the view from our bedroom door... here is our dresser. I finally got around to hanging all my jewelry on what essentially is a cork board. It's not actually cork but you get the idea... hopefully. I got it at D.I. a long time ago and just recently added the pins to hang all my jewelry on it. I love it!

You can also see the curtains we got at Target for 50% off. We just hung the shelves up too, after painting them black. We also have had those for a while after picking them up at D.I. but had yet to get around to painting them. Still need to find some things to actually put on the shelves. :)

And our most recent D.I. purchase... the three frames above the bed. We just painted those too, printed out some poster size wedding photos at Walmart and framed them. I think they look pretty nice, if I say so myself.

And the other side of the bed. Once again, need to actually find something to put on the shelves.

Next up.... baby girl's room.

29 weeks

I look pretty much the same as the last photo but I feel bigger... and little girl is starting to move way more often. She especially likes to get all up in my ribs these days.