Friday, April 26, 2013

More Finn & Lilly Photos

Grandma and Lilly showing us their sassy sides.

Finn getting his sun time when he was still jaundiced.

Sleepy Finn.

Grandma and Finn.

Opa and Finn. (Sorry Beste, I never got one with you and Finn.)


Just one of Finn's many silly faces.

Lilly & Finn

The first 4 pictures are the first time Lilly held Finn when he was only a couple days old. 
The rest are from when Lilly wanted to hold Finn when he was about a month old,
even though Lilly is wearing the exact same thing :)



I know this is pretty late but Finn is here!
Finn Christian Mayer was born March 6th, 2013 at 8:43 pm. He was 7 lbs 14 oz and 21 in long.
Here's the story and some pictures.

Wednesday March 6th I went to my doctors appointment like normal and had hoped to set a date to be induced but I wasn't seeing my regular doctor that day so I wasn't able to talk with her about it. So I called back the office later that day to see what could be done because I was so over being pregnant. I had been dilated to 3 cm since 36 weeks and didn't think I would still be pregnant but I was. They told me that they would call me back. Around 4 pm they called back saying my doctor was at the hospital that day and I could go in at 5 to be induced. Otherwise I'd probably have to wait because she could do it the next 2 days after that. So I called Christian and we decided to just go for it. So I had an hour to rush home, get all my stuff, go pick up Christian from school and get to the hospital. It was a little crazy but we even got there a little early.

We got checked in and filled out paperwork and by 6:20ish they had started the pitocin.

For the first hour I was perfectly fine. The contractions weren't too bad and I could handle them easily. Then  an hour in my water broke. Things got pretty bad pretty fast after that. My contractions got really intense and I requested my epidural. I had to wait a little bit until I had a full bag of IV fluid in me and until the anesthesiologist got there. I don't remember how long that took but it seemed like forever! I finally got my epidural but I didn't get to enjoy it. About 10 minutes after I got it I started feeling crazy pressure so we called the nurse. She confirmed that I was fully dilated and ready to push even though my epidural hadn't even kicked in yet. I pushed through about 3 contractions and he was here! Overall 2 hours and 20ish minutes from start to finish. It was crazy fast and painful but I did it.

Sadly a few hours later Finn started spitting up tons of fluid and grunting/wheezing when he was breathing so he was taken to the nursery to be checked out by the pediatrician. They took a chest xray and some blood work and pumped a bunch of fluid from his stomach. Apparently he had swallowed a bunch of amniotic fluid during labor. Also his white blood count was up and they weren't sure why he was having trouble breathing. So he had to been sent down to the NICU to be put on oxygen and given antibiotics in case he was developing an infection.  We were able to visit him there whenever we wanted and I had to go down every 4 hours to feed him. After less than 24 hours he was taken off the oxygen and breathing fine. After that he just had to stay until he finished his rounds of antibiotics. I was discharged Friday and Finn on Saturday afternoon.

In our lovely gowns we had to wear in the NICU.

Coming Home!

Lilly coming out to meet Finn for the first time since she wasn't allowed to see him at the hospital.

Finn did have some jaundice-caused eating problems once we got home causing him to have some trouble gaining weight. But after a week or so with a lactation specialist we finally got him gaining weight again and he has been fine since then! Other than that Finn has been a great baby. He is so content all the time, unless he is hungry. He is a much easier baby than Lilly was so I'm loving these early weeks with him!