Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finn Walking

Finn took his first steps at 10 months and has been occasionally walking ever since. But the past week or two he has really taken off and now walks almost all the time. He's still a little wobbly but oh so cute!

Finn's Haircut

Technically this isn't Finn's first haircut but it was the first documented one! I shaved his mullet back when he was 4 months old or so but this seemed more like a real haircut. It was driving me crazy how uneven the growth was even though it wasn't that long so I figured it was time for another cut to help even it all out. Its still a little uneven but that is because cutting a 10 month old's hair is pretty much impossible. He would not keep his head still and was screaming a lot so it was a little difficult but I got it done.



Friday, February 21, 2014

Visiting the Ranch

A couple days after Christmas we made a day visit to the ranch. Here Christian is taking the lawn mower for a ride :)

Swinging on the hammock.

Finn playing in the grass/leaves.

Bay the horse.

Melanie riding Bay around the ranch.

Lilly taking me for a ride on the ATV.

And Lilly riding Bay!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


For Christmas 2013 we stayed in Houston and celebrated with Christian's family.

Early in December there was a Breakfast with Santa at the neighborhood clubhouse. They had a camel there for rides. At first Lilly didn't want to go until we told her she could go with Daddy.

Then there was pictures with Santa, breakfast, crafts, hot chocolate, etc.

For Christmas it was the typical Norwegian Christmas where we celebrate on the 24th, starting with dinner and then opening presents that night.

All dressed up for Christmas.

Ready for dinner! He sure loves his food :)

Santa even made an appearance. Here is Lilly sizing him up when he first arrived.

Lilly helping Santa pass out gifts.

After Santa left we really got down to opening presents. Here is Lilly's gift to Melanie that she made. "Tante" is norwegian for aunt.

Finn enjoying his new shoes. Sucking/chewing on shoes is one of his favorite past times. He is pretty much half-dog.

Trying on his new Christmas jammies before bed. Finn went to bed early and opened the rest of his presents the next morning (aka Lilly opening them for him).

Lilly's new jammies. She loves foxes now due to the "What Does the Fox Say?" song.

One of Lilly's favorite present, and Anna dress up from Frozen. She loves that movie and now tell me she just needs Elsa's dress now :)

This is the next morning, aka Christmas morning. Finn checking out his new binkies.

And his new ride on/push car.

Christian got this puzzle in his stocking. He made it for his Grandfather back in the day. It says "Merry Christmas"

Christian and his "Rein-(root)Beer".

The kids taking their presents for a spin!

Christmas Hot Tubbing!

Lilly & Melanie snuggling on the couch.

Overall, it was a great Christmas! Hope yours was too!