Friday, October 5, 2012

Lilly & the Baby

When we decided to tell Christian's parents that I was pregnant over the summer, we decided to have Lilly tell them that she was going to be a big sister. We practiced with her a little bit but by the time we got her in front of everyone she was acting shy.

Christian: Lilly has something she wants to tell you guys. Lilly tell everyone.
Lilly: No.
C: Come on Lilly. What were you going to say?
L: Nothing.
Someone else in the room: Lilly, why won't you tell us?
L: Because I don't like it.

Eventually Christian had to tell everyone and we all had a good laugh about the "because I don't like it" because really she had been pretty excited ever since we told her.

Lilly: Where is your baby?
Me: Its in my tummy but its too little to come out. It has to grow big first.
L: I like babies. When it comes out I kiss him. And pet him. And I be really nice. And you kiss him.

And a little while later that morning....

Lilly: I has a baby brother in my tummy. It grow bigger, bigger, bigger! It little.

Lilly has also been coming up with some names for the baby that she thinks are great:  Bubble, Gracie, Jacey, Bessie, Compusie (?), and Spookley.

Buddy the pumpkin

Lilly got a pumpkin from her nursery teachers last Sunday. Once we got home she informed us that his name was Buddy and that he was her buddy. She has grown quite attached to this little pumpkin.