Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Zoo Photos

Here's some of the pics from our trip to Hogle Zoo.
The White Alligator


Some kind of monkey with some sweet hair

The elephant show

"I want to move it, move it..."

A weird kind of lemur (sleeping with his head up, tongue out, and arm extended... funny)


Mama and baby giraffe

Family Picture

Well, when Christian's family came to visit we went to Lagoon and during the day ended up taking photos at one of those amusement park photo shops. This is the best photo that we ended up with (the others I don't like as much because we had just come off some water rides and lets be honest, I just looked gross).

The Zoo

Well, we finally made it up to the Hogle Zoo in SLC. I've been wanting to go for a while, probably since last summer. I just like zoos. It was fun, though definitely smaller than I thought it would be. I guess the only zoo I'm really comparing it to is the San Francisco Zoo so no doubt it's smaller but oh well. It was still fun. We took quite a few photos and videos, so I'll eventually post those. If I were to guess I'd say Christian enjoyed the meerkats the most ( I swear he stood in front of their window for at least 15 minutes). I probably enjoyed all the little monkeys the most, they're pretty hilarious to watch. Though the white alligator, the elephant show, and all the orangutans were fun too.

Oh, before I forget (if I ever can) while we were watching a kangaroo we began to hear a fairly loud groaning noise. We followed the noise down to the other end of the cage and witnessed this giant tortoise (450 lbs, ~5 ft long) hump his female counterpart. All I can say is, Whoa. I mean, what zoo trip is complete without watching some animal hump another?