Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Lilly

I have been pretty bad about taking photos while we are here in Houston. I basically have a ton of random pictures. So here is a little sampling of my favorites from the past little while, some in Lubbock and some in Houston.

Lilly "sleeping" in one of her little toy bins.

Lilly trying to take the camera away from me. She did not like the papparazzi.

 Double timing those binkies. And yes, she does this all by herself.

Lilly was trying to put on her Dad's socks, so I helped her out a bit. Silly girl.

Lilly watching tv. She gets such a serious face. Plus check out those teeny tiny pigtails!

Lilly "coloring." She loves to scribble on any paper she finds. Plus check out her wackadoo hair from the Houston humidity. It looks pretty crazy most of the time now, this picture doesn't do it justice.

Lilly all decked out with her bracelets and phone.

Getting ready to walk Twinkle.

And finally, Lilly getting ready to leave. Sippy cup in purse, check.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Dog Walker

Twinkle has a new dog walker... Lilly.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun in Houston

These photos are actually from our last visit to Houston when we came down for Christian's interview in May.

Lilly loved playing with water.

Lilly was roaring at the lion.

 This one is blurry because she wouldn't slow down. She would just keep running all over the place.

Then Lilly took a snack break with Bestemor.

Yum, Ranch with a little celery.


Here Bestemor, why don't you have some?

Right there, on your chin!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Messy Apartment

 I took these photos of our apartment a while ago so it looks better now and cleaner too!

 Yeah. Our bedroom is a little crowded at the moment but oh well.

Lilly's Room.

In other news, we are in Houston now.  Christian started his internship this week and so far so good. The first day was boring because he didn't really have anything to do but it seems as if first days are always like that. 

Lilly is doing really well here. We were here not too long ago so I think she remembers. She definitely has attitude some days but I can't tell if its just because of her two top eye teeth that are coming in or if she is just hitting that tantrum stage. 

We are getting used to taking care of a dog and a house too since Christian's parents are in Norway right now. So much more to do than in an apartment.  

And the heat. Whooo! I generally have been leaving around 7 in the morning to take the dog on a walk and I still come back sweating. Definitely will take a while to get used to the humidity.

I'll try to keep posting. For some reason it is always so much harder to blog when I am not at my own home. I'll try to get over that though. See ya.