Thursday, March 15, 2012

Copy Cats

Last month, Lilly and I were at the mall looking for a dress for her for Thomas's wedding. We stumbled into The Children's Place and look what I found. Wait a second...... that looks familiar...

Oh yeah. It is almost exactly the same as the dress I made for Lilly in September 2010. Blue stripey bottom, ruffley white top. Goodness, I think they copied me. Good thing I blogged it for proof when we take them to court and thankfully Christian is an almost-lawyer. Haha, I wish... (about taking them to court, not my husband) :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

January to March

Ever since Christmas I haven't really blogged. I've decided its because once I got my Kindle I never wanted to get on the computer in our room and Christian is usually on his laptop. Therefore, no blogging.

Well here are a bunch of random photos from our phones from the past 2 1/2 months. And of course they aren't in order. Oh well, I'm too lazy at the moment to put them in order. At least I am blogging right?

First, up V-day. Christian got these chocolates for me and they were seriously the best box of chocolates I've ever had. Godiva Chocolates, thank you for existing.
 And these flowers.

A few days before Valentine's Day we had quite the little snow storm here in Lubbock.

Lilly enjoyed throwing snowballs at our building with Christian.
And she had a little snow freakout the moment she got snow on her face. She would keep trying to wipe off the snow from her face with her gloved hands which were covered in snow themselves. It was a problem, a really funny problem. Sorry, I guess I shouldn't laugh when my daughter is crying... but oh well.

Ok, this is actually from December but I found it and had never posted it. This is from the hockey game we went to in Dallas over Christmas Break. 

Lilly wanting to wear Daddy's hat.

Lilly just being cute on the couch. This is actually from yesterday right before we realized she was running a fever! Aaah. Don't worry, it's gone now. And hopefully that is the extent of it.

The Friday before Valentine's Day we went on a little date. We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse which was packed and it took so long we couldn't make the movie we were planning on seeing. Instead we went bowling. Most of the night I really sucked but this one game I did awesome! Do you see it? 4 strikes in a row. I am amazing, haha.

This is from when we went to Houston for Thomas and Alex's wedding (Christian's bro). One day Lilly fell asleep in the car with her finger in her ear.

And shortly thereafter she just kept putting her hands all over her face. Looks so comfortable, right?

Lilly with a chocolate ice cream mustache.

Lilly deciding she needed a crown. But seeing as we were at McDonalds instead of Burger King she improvised. Smart girl.

And that is all for today. Hopefully I will be back soon with photos from our actual camera and a little better update.