Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lilly and Santa

Lilly did well again with Santa this year. We headed next door the the model homes where every year they have pictures with Santa. This year they also had free hot chocolate, cotton candy and popcorn. Lilly was a little nervous and didn't want to sit on Santa's lap but we convinced her and she did it. Afterwards, she was soo happy that "she got to see Santa!" and get a candy cane from him and Mrs. Claus.


For Thanksgiving we headed down to the ranch, near Houston.  When we got there, we had a second little celebration for Lilly with her grandparents.

"I'm turning 3!"

"Look at all my presents!"

Lilly's musical princess birthday card.

Lots of clothes.

Loving her new stamp set.

Saying thanks to Melanie for her gift.

"New boots! Finally!" She has been asking me for new boots for months now.

Waiting for the pinata to be set  up.

Taking a swing.

Letting Melanie take a turn.

And then letting Daddy finish her off.


After the mini birthday party we just had a nice weekend with lots of food, games, Lilly riding Bay, riding the ATV, etc.
Chilling on the steps with Oma (Christian's grandma).

Breakfast with Opa.
Going for an ATV ride with Daddy.
Lilly got quite brave this time, yelling "Faster, Faster!"

Exploring with Daddy.

And catching baby grasshoppers.

Lilly's 3rd Birthday Party

We decided to let Lilly have a birthday party with friends this year and she loved it. We had it the weekend before Thanksgiving and it was a princess theme.

Lilly with her Pin the Crown on the Princess. The kids could totally see around the little eye mask it came with so they each put their crown sticker on a different princess even though they were supposed to aim for Rapunzel. Oh well. They enjoyed it at least.

We had a dress up table so they could dress up like a princess if they wanted to and pick out a wand.

Balloons everywhere.

The Lilly shrine.

The princess crown cupcakes that no one really ate (except maybe the frosting). They all ate fruit and cookies and goldfish instead.

Waiting for her guests to arrive.

Snack time.

Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles.

Time to open presents.

Fighting over the gifts.

Overall, Lilly loved it and it went pretty smoothly for a bunch of 2-4 year olds.

Summer: Circus!

While in Houston over the summer we also went to the circus! It was pretty fun and Lilly really enjoyed it.

Checking out the animals before the show. I really love this picture because it shows how curly Lilly's hair can really get, especially with the humidity in Houston.

Being silly with her circus clown glasses.


Some of the performers doing their acts up close before the show.

Apparently Lilly's not a fan of the Chik-fil-a cow.

The opening act.

The elephants in action.



Confetti at the end! Lilly loved it.