Monday, August 11, 2014

APRIL 2014 (Sophie is Born!)

The main event in April was Sophie's birth.

Because of the whole "my doctor thinks I have thyroid cancer" thing I was scheduled to be induced on Thursday April 4th. We headed to the hospital at 5am.

 I was finally given the pitocin at 6:20 am and I was already dilated to a 2.5 cm. At 8:30 am the doctor broke my water and by 9 am I had my epidural. This birth was the best yet because my epidural had time to kick in (Finn's didn't) and worked perfectly (Lilly's didn't)! Right before 10 am I was feeling crazy pressure and they checked me and I was fully dilated. They called the doctor and at 10:03 I started pushing and after one contraction, she was born at 10:06 am!

We named her Sophie Charlotte Mayer, after an intense naming battle that lasted the whole pregnancy. She was 7lbs 14 oz, exactly the same as Finn, and 20.5 " long. She was a big/tall girl and has stayed that way!

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Babylon said...

IIRC a square marking on the neck suppose to indicate location of Adam's apple!
Thanks for your story